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Monthly Interest Volume Variation for this category: -3.6% on 4389 topics.

Main Trends

Growing (469)

Infant formula +546% +2M

Ciabatta +289% +653K

Milkshake +164% +542K

Allium tricoccum +27% +204K

Moussaka +18% +186K

Palm oil +41% +152K

Acrylamide +65% +94K

Stable (3392)

Coca-Cola +12% +349K

Chimichurri +06% +96K

Candy +15% +63K

Strawberry +16% +60K

Affogato +10% +52K

Pepsi +07% +46K

Buttermilk +04% +43K

Falling (528)

Hot cross bun -63% -2M

Quesadilla -46% -539K

Easter egg -54% -333K

Food delivery -15% -230K

Cadbury Creme Egg -50% -212K

Banana bread -24% -188K

Ganache -31% -178K

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Main Trends

Sauce -35% -95K

Food 0-0% -4K

Coffee -02% -6K

Taste -03% -10K

Cheese -05% -12K

Rice -03% -9K

Beef -06% -7K

Milk +04% +19K

Steak +37% +52K

Cream +02% +3K


Wine -02% -3K

Salad -11% -11K

Bread -11% -92K

Soup +01% +-92K

Chocolate -10% -21K

Meat 0-0% -21K

Potato -13% -47K

Tea -03% -13K

Beer +02% +4K

Veganism -11% -23K


Cooking -07% -58K

Pasta -04% -7K

Drink +03% +17K

Cake -06% -32K

Eating -04% -5K

Butter -03% -3K

Pie -07% -6K

Baking -05% -5K

Pork -01% -1K

Flour -07% -38K


Food and Beverages (3651) Back to top

Main Trends

Infant formula +546% +2M

Ciabatta +289% +653K

Milkshake +164% +542K


Coca-Cola +12% +349K

Allium tricoccum +27% +204K

Moussaka +18% +186K


Hot cross bun -63% -2M

Quesadilla -46% -539K

Easter egg -54% -333K

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Agriculture (708) Back to top

Main Trends

Fell pony >999% +58K

Soil conservation +18% +24K

Annual plant +11% +21K


Thoroughbred +29% +21K

Deadheading (flowers) +39% +16K

Dairy +11% +15K


Hardiness zone -10% -167K

Agriculture -10% -165K

Cereal -12% -79K

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Welcome to the InLinks Trends Analysis Tool for Food & Agriculture, the only tool you need to carry out market research and to instantly spot the trends that are gaining interest on the web.

If you’re a food blogger or have an online / offline store, you can use the Inlinks Trends Analysis tool to predict the food market behaviour and to create content that catches the interest of your audience.

What are the food topics that are covered here?

The Inlinks Trends Analysis Tool covers a wide variety of topics related to food and agriculture, these can be vegetables; fruits; meals; meats; beverages…

How to best use the InLinks Trends Analysis for the Food industry?

Once you see a food topic that catches your interest, simply click on it and you’ll then be able to:

  • Carry out market research by seeing daily, weekly and monthly estimates of the number of consumers interested in a relevant food topic
  • Use the “Create Content Brief” to convert any trend data into a content creation brief, allowing you and your team to easily create optimized content for SEO
  • Discover topics that are semantically related to the core topic and use these to create content designed to be the best Google can find

How do we collect trend data in the food industry?

The Inlinks Trends Analysis system uses a combination of public and proprietary channels to work out the trending topics in the food industry. The trend data represents a sample of all consumers and aims to avoid bias in the underlying data set by analysing all industries, before curating this report specifically for the food industry.

InLinks also allows you to dig into all the other industry trend data using the same tool.



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