You’ll discover in this video how to audit your existing content for entities on Inlinks. The audit feature is a powerful strategy allowing to instantly view the most prominent entities used by competitors ranking the best for your targeted keywords while at the same time updating your content on the Inlinks content editor and measuring your SEO score.

NOTE: Following a major InLinks update on May 2022 which saw the integration of a keyword research module, the display of the InLinks content editor will not look the same as in the video above.

If you wish to have an overview of the new content editor display as well the newly intergrated keyword research tool, please have a look at the following video on Youtube.


I am a bilingual French and English speaking digital marketing consultant working in the SEO field for the last 8 years, my work at InLinks relates to :

- Presenting demos (English & French)
- Social media publications
- Writing case studies
- Providing technical support
- Managing partnerships
- Creating tutorial videos

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