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Roadmap Ideas

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    Keyword Data Export
    3 months agoopen1
    Would like to export the keyword data from the Audit tool. I like the way that they are organized into clusters, for main topics, and secondary keywords.
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    Optional automated refresh of content/schema analysis
    2 weeks agoopen0
    We maintain all our content in an external production system that pushes it to the live sites and other places (as we licence a lot of it). There are x thousands of pages so keeping track of changes i... Read more...
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    Exclude PDFs
    2 weeks agoopen1
    system should be able to recognize .pdf as pages that can't be added to InLinks
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    9 months agocompleted1
    An API that developers can use to extract entities from a URL in the same way InLInks does.
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    More Languages
    9 months agoopen1
    We would love you to vote for which languages we should work on first. Each one involves building a new knowledge graph! So none are easy.... Read more...
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    GUI (Building a brief)
    3 months agocompleted1
    It is not clear from the GUI that I need to +ADD a topic BEFORE I start selecting keywords inside a topic I am discovering in the right-side panel.- The +ADD (topic) button is invisible in the rig... Read more...
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    +ADD button shows unclicked when already clicked
    3 months agocompleted0
    The +ADD button in the right-side panel shows greyed out (unselected) even if the topic has been +ADDED in the rightmost column of the table. The button in the panel should change color or text should... Read more...
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    Using Position 0 Questions vs. Suggestions
    3 months agoopen2
    The list of suggestions provided in the "Questions" tab contains many irrelevant suggestions, often poorly worded. The suggestions are often repetitive because they are collected by a bot around a ste... Read more...
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    Reassign Author
    2 months agocompleted0
    Problem: The wrong writer is assigned a brief - there is no way to make a change / re-assign. The solution - After a writer is assigned, allow a change
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    Easier removal URLs
    2 weeks agodeclined1
    Can we have easier way to remove URLs rather than clickling one by one. I have some projects I want to start from scratch. If I remove and add website again I will get different x/number/inlinks.js an... Read more...
  • 1
    Filter Anchor Text Distribution
    2 weeks agoopen1
    On the internal links distribution chart, it would be helpful to be able to click on the chart to filter the results. For example, I noticed that I had several links with over 11 words as the anchor t... Read more...
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