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WordPress vs Custom Coding vs Easy Site Builder: Which Is Best for SEO?

WordPress vs Custom Coding vs Easy Site Builder: Which Is Best for SEO?

On Episode 17 of the Knowledge Panel we have a debate between 3 leading SEO and marketing experts on whether having a WordPress site, a custom-coded site or an easy site builder is best for SEO. Representing WordPress sites is Jono Alderson from Yoast. On the custom coding team is Crystal Carter from Optix Solutions and arguing the case for the easy site builder side is Russ Jeffery from Duda. Sign up below to watch

How to use Growth Opportunities on Inlinks

The Growth Opportunities feature on Inlinks (available starting a level 4 subscription) lists some of the important pages of your project that rank for high traffic keywords. For each page in this part of the tool you’ll find which keyword brings the most traffic, its current position in the Serps, the overall estimated traffic for the keyword as well as the estimated traffic if the position were to improve by 1 position, 5 positions and

How to Audit your Content for Entities on Inlinks

You’ll discover in this video how to audit your existing content for entities on Inlinks. The audit feature is a powerful strategy allowing to instantly view the most prominent entities used by competitors ranking the best for your targeted keywords while at the same time updating your content on the Inlinks content editor and measuring your SEO score. NOTE: Following a major InLinks update on May 2022 which saw the integration of a keyword research

How to use Inlinks in any language

Are you looking to use Inlinks for Dutch or another language that uses a standard western alphabet? This article explains 2 workarounds involving the use of the Inlinks Content Optimization for Entities as well as the schema markup implementation. We’ll use here 2 methods for the Dutch language which can be applied for other languages having a standard western alphabet. NOTE: If you need languages in other character sets, please have a look at the

How to use Inlinks for Arabic

We receive many requests asking if Inlinks can be used in Arabic. Although for the moment Inlinks cannot automate internal links and schema markup for the Arabic language, our content optimization tool for entities can still be useful with a workaround strategy. Tools needed for this workaround Google Translate An account on Inlinks (Create a free one here) How to use Inlinks Content Optimization Tool for Arabic For this example, we have taken an Arabic

The Knowledge Panel Episode 16: YouTube and Podcast SEO

Is obtaining organic YouTube and podcast success very different to conventional SEO for Google? How do you SEO for YouTube and podcasting and are there tactics and principles used in optimizing video and audio that would also be applied to traditional SEO? That’s what we’re going to be discussing on episode 16 of the Knowledge Panel. Joining your host Dixon Jones is Emma Drew from Online Media Biz, Dre de Vera from the SEO Video

Low Budget SEO with InLinks

How do you use InLinks on a limited budget if your website has thousands of pages? You do not have to spend thousands or even hundreds of dollars a month to have access to the best SEO tool of 2021*. However, with a tool as powerful as InLinks, you will need to use the tool carefully, if your business is to make the best use of your budget. Inlinks starts at just $39 a month