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Dixon Jones Joins Fred Laurent at inLinks

French SEO Expert, Fred Laurent and the UK’s CMO, Dixon Jones have joined forces. will be the home for a new “freemium” Semantic SEO technology company. Dixon takes on the role of CEO and Fred as CTO. The inLinks tool approaches SEO content from an Entity, rather than keyword perspective, making it one of the first core SEO technologies to create a semantic SEO tool from the ground up. The tools take advantage

Why do some links have #body appended?

If inLinks generates an Internal link which would duplicate an existing link already on a page, it appends #body to the new link, to differentiate it from the other link. This is to ensure that the link gets “counted”. For example, in the navigation, the site is likely to link to the home page from every page. Assuming you associate the home page to a topic, all links to the homepage that are generated by

Onboarding – Setting Topics

[A much more detailed help post on topic association is here] After signing up for a free account for the first time, Inlinks tries to help you get underway. The two most important things to set up quickly are: 1: Adding the Javascript Code on the site and2: Associating some topics to target landing pages. This help page looks at the second point. While you were confirming your email address, Inlinks was getting ready to

Modifying Schema on InLinks

The Schema tab lists all the pages that InLinks has created a schema for. This is one of the best uses of InLinks. You no longer need to contact the webmaster every time the schema needs updating and more importantly, our Knowledge Graph analysis does a great job of automating the whole process. Reviewing, adding or removing schema This is the default schema created for my personal blog home page. the great thing is that

Javascript Code FAQs

It only takes one line of code on your website for InLinks to save you hundreds of hours on tasks that few web owners ever have time to carry out. Adding the code is the single most important step in the on-boarding process. This page talks about how to add the code and sets out to our strict policies on what we can and cannot do with the code Note: The code verification should be