If you feel Google’s NLP API is too limiting, try our new NLP API.

The NLP API reads a page of content and breaks it down into its constituent “Entities” (often called “Topics” in Google’s documentation). Usually, an entity or topic can be described as anything that has its own Wikipedia page. Although there may be instances where other entities exist, our output generally describes entities in term of Wikipedia topics.

The inlinks API is much more powerful at extracting named entities than Google’s because it tries to return all the entities on the page, whereas Google only reports entities that it deems relevant to the page of content. Without an independent API, you are simply getting a report os what Google knows, not what it doesn’t know.

  • The Inlinks API returns many more entities than Google does.
  • In fact, the inlinks API ALSO runs Google’s API in the same call to show you a gap-analysis.
  • The output also proposes content schema to help expose the entities to search engines.

The NLP API is available to all customers of inlinks.net with a level 4 account or higher.

See the documentation and try it.

Check this out by @Inlinksnet

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