Linguistics analyst and Content Creator 

This full-time role requires an excellent communicator who has a fantastic eye for detail. You will be updating the Inlinks knowledge graph, a database where entities and topics link together to give our clients a comprehensive understanding of how their language ranks on Google. You must have an extensive vocabulary and a great grasp of the English language to maintain the graph and ensure the data is correct for all our clients. Alongside this, you will oversee monitoring of the website for spelling and grammar mistakes as it is constantly being updated.

There is an opportunity for you to become a valued member of the content creation team who keep on top of tutorials and major updates. As such, this role requires a confident communicator who has some experience presenting in any capacity. You will need to be comfortable working independently and in an online team as we continue to work from home.  

You will be at the forefront of SEO innovation at Inlinks, and will be working very closely with the CTO to help build new tools and features. 

Main Responsibilities

  • Add, delete and maintain topics on the knowledge graph (you will be trained in this!). Foreign language skill a plus for part of the role. 
  • Recognise when the website updates and make sure the language on there is consistent and helpful 
  • Make (and remake when outdated) new “how to” videos for the YouTube 
  • Maintain close relationships with senior managers and help out with the implementation of new features. 
  • Write concise and effective materials for people when they need. For example, writing YouTube descriptions, helping with language requirements. 
  • Write research papers looking at the ways Inlinks can be used in the real world. Use your interests and strong points to market Inlinks based on evidence. These are posted as blogs once approved.  
  • Be part of the content creation team which replies to YouYube comments and invites innovative ideas to push the Inlinks brand.   


Graduate with at least a 2:1  

Presentation and essay writing experience 

Qualitative/quantitative research skills 

Great grasp of English language and vocabulary  


Experience with data input 

Foreign language skills 

If this sounds like a good fit for you, then please apply through Give A Grad A Go. Do not contact Inlinks directly if you are an applicant or another recruitment agency.  


Genie is looking at how Natural Language Processing algorithms consume and understand content. She studies "Language, Culture and Communications" at Warwick University.

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