If you are a paying customer of InLinks, we would like to help you get a little more business. We have users that would rather pay an expert to manage their InLinks account. We would also love to get feedback on what you are doing with InLInks as a business, to use as case-study material.

So we decided we could help each other. Fill in the form and we will look at using it to create a customer profile or case study. We will also happily link back to you so that people can contact you to help them use InLinks professionally.

When customers ask – for an expert, we will be able to send them a customer profiles section of the blog.

Customer Profile

Tell us a bit about who you are and what you use InLinks for. We will use this to profile some of our best customers on the site. Could be a good lead generator for you?
  • This will (subject to review) be the Title of your client page. Please avoid adding keywords or looking spammy
  • Links to screenshots? Instruction on what can and can't say about you? What other tools have InLInks replaced for you?

Check this out by @Inlinksnet

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