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Internal links example

Internal Linking. The Guide.

Internal Linking is a skill which can levitate your site to new heights. This is a comprehensive guide on how to use links to optimize websites. It combines decades of expertise from the InLinks team in developing Internal link roadmaps and strategies. 95% of websites fail at internal linking. A Study of over 6,000 websites.

Creating Digital Assets

Whether you have decided that your strategy is to be the entity, be an authority on the entity or play on the edge, your next step is to start marshalling or making your digital assets. Here the thought process is rather different to the old school idea of “content marketing” where you just carry on

Other Ways to become an Entity

Being the Entity If you are a business or organisation, then you ARE an entity. Google may not have enough confidence, yet, to know this. Every person on the planet is an entity, but Google does not yet try to distinguish between every version of “Purna Patel or “Sally Stokes” on the planet… at least

Semantic SEO Strategies

Become an entity or an expert on an entity Your first strategic decision is whether you want to try to BE a fully defined entity in your own right. There has been a move in recent years away from optimizing for keywords and instead simply trying to make your brand stand out from the crowd

Earning A Wikipedia Listing

Getting a Wikipedia entry is fraught with dangers. Inlinks has chosen not to list a specific strategy. Instead, we are bringing in tips and ideas from well-known practitioners in online retrieval, including inLinks users. One of the challenges is that Wikipedia is controlled ultimately by a very small and not necessarily unbiased group of people.