Useful Schema for SEO

Google maintains some good documentation on using Schema in SEO. However, it is not always clear when or how schema helps. It is also much less forgiving than HTML… if you get it wrong, Google will trip over and so will other parsers. For that reason, Google and and other people maintain tools to helkp you validate your schema.

Writing the schema in the first place can be hard though! That’s one reason why inLinks automatically generates schema for you.

The About Tag in Schema Markup

The ‘About’ tag from Helping Google understand what your page is talking about is the aim of the game in SEO at the minute. Entities and concepts are taking the role that keywords held for so long, and one prominent way in which this is being achieved is through schema markup- specifically the About tag. Schema markup is structured data vocabulary which enables search engines to read your website easily, with the ‘About’ tag from holding an important role within the Resource Descriptive

Using the SameAs Markup Tag in SEO

The sameAs Schema Tag and how to use it   SEOs can use the sameAs schema markup to help a search engine understand what a page is about. You can do this by pointing out a page with similar subject matter that you are confident the search engine DOES understand.   The sameAs tag unambiguously indicates an item’s identity through connecting it to such sources as its corresponding Wikipedia pages, Wiki Entry, or official website. It essentially takes a ‘thing’ and