As we improve the features, fix bugs and generally develop inLinks, we’ll record launches here.

Examples of Verbs showing User Intent in an InLinks dashboard

Topic Research Tools – The New Keyword Research

InLinks has launched a revolutionary new topic research tool and methodology. With its new Content Optimization Editor launch, InLinks has totally reimagined keyword research for SEO and introduced meaningful clustering and a whole new approach to satisfying user intent. What is this Keyword Research Tool? (And why is it Different?) Most keyword research is based on looking up a keyword’s search volume and CPC value. The result is a list of literal keyword suggestions which

Italian is now available

Entity SEO now in Italian

Inlinks can now help you optimize Internal links, content, and Schema on Italian websites. Inlinks is a new breed of SEO technology, which was built, from the ground up, around Entities and being able to extract them from any corpus of text and create a knowledge graph from the content, which is then used for SEO purposes. Now, InLinks is able to “Read” content in Italian and extract the underlying entities (or topics) from the

Curate your Knowledge Graph

We have just made it easier to provide feedback about where our entity analysis makes errors or is not as useful as you would like. We encourage you to make use of this every time you start a new project, as your feedback loops will quickly help us to improve our understanding of your new site in the system. How Named Entity Extraction works The InLinks algorithm reports more entities in a body of text

German Knowledge Graph Launches

If you are a German SEO, please tell others in Germany about this! Today, InLinks is delighted to say that you can now create projects based on German content around a German Knowledge Graph. InLinks is an SEO tool built from the ground up around topics and entities instead of simple keywords. But some languages are harder than others for an NLP (Natural Language Processing) tool to break out into underlying entities. We had already

InLinks Launches Polish Knowledge Graphs

If you are a Polish SEO, please tell others in Poland about this! You can now analyse and optimize content from a topic-based perspective in Polish using InLinks! For the first time, you can set up projects in Polish and create new content or audit existing content and the InLinks system will be able to understand the underlying concepts in both your content and that of your competitors trying to rank for the same keyword

Inlinks launches Govtrackr

A free tool that tracks the main themes covered by prominent UK politicians via their tweets. What is Govtrackr Powered by Inlinks technology, Govtrackr is a unique tool used to determine the overarching themes tweeted by UK politicians. It takes tweets and creates comprehensive data on the discovered themes. This includes the amount of public engagement encountered on each tweet and how this differs from politician to politician or party to party. It aims to

A Conference for Charity

I have been asked to talk about Entity SEO and my take on how search is going at a charity conference on the 27th January 2022. You donate as little or as much as you like here ( Once you’ve donated, you will get the information to register for the events. The event is virtual and based on US timezones (well, Costa Rican Timezones, actually) Marco Benevides and Jordan Fowler are organizing the event and

Find Low Hanging SEO Opportunities on your site.

SEOs know that if they have a phrase lingering on page 2, then just a little “push” might be all it takes to make a difference. So wouldn’t it be great if your SEO tool of choice did the “low hanging fruit” calculations to work out which pages are best to work on next and what uplift in traffic you might gain? See SEO Growth Opportunities instantly Now you will see, in your project tab,

Content Editor for SEO

Powerful Content Optimization Tools for SEO

A huge Content Optimization Tool update. Inlinks has released a major upgrade to their Content Optimization Tools, built entirely from the ground up around topic analysis. Now content optimization for SEO marketing is faster and more accurate than ever before. What is a Content Optimization Tool? Writing intelligent marketing copy or knowledge leadership pieces is only half the battle. Understanding how machines interpret the content and making the machine understanding align with human understanding is