Great SEO Case Studies to Show the Boss

SEO Case studies can be extremely powerful for convincing others to invest in SEO. Estimates of the value of the SEO Industry vary from $35 Billion by BusinessWire to over $80 Billion by Finding practical SEO Case studies, that you can show your boss, to justify expenditure is therefore important. Fortunately, Inlinks packages its case studies into tidy PDFs which you can print off and put on her desk.

These powerful insights involve the inLinks platform. We continually compile them and post them on our blog. In addition, we carry out regular Search Engine Understanding tests by running industry reports on what percentage of topics Google reports in any given verticle. We also track topic trends across thousands of topics daily.

We have been seeing in 2021 and moving into 2022 that SEO is increasingly about aligning your brand with your customers and less about “more” traffic. As such, conversions and revenue are becoming more important drivers than traffic itself. Niche markets often require very specialized content in SEO.

These SEO Case Studies are free to use for your business strategy and share with attribution.

Do you have your own SEO Case Study that InLinks might like?

If you are an inLinks user and have some insight to share, we’d love to publish it! Just ask for Karim in the webchat and he’ll be able to help package up your case study into a clear, presentable document, which we will co-brand. we love our users getting the credit from our tools!

Case Study: From 45th to 5th in the Serps for the keyword ‘SEO Company’ in the UK 3 months after using InLinks

London-based SEO company Reboot Online started using InLinks back in 2020 for some client campaigns and saw great results doing so. At the time they were so busy with new and existing clients that they neglected their own site, and whilst consistently publishing new content consistely on their blog, their internal linking strategy and and anchor texts were no longer optimal. Where Reboot Online used to rank on the first page for their main service

Case Study: From 10K to 20K in monthly organic traffic 4 months after using InLinks

A digital marketing and SEO agency based in Sweden started using InLinks back in February 2022 for one its clients (an informational website reviewing online casinos worldwide). The organic traffic went from 10K (February 2022) to 20K (May 2022) as shown on the screenshot below taken on Ahrefs: The total number of ranked organic keywords in the top 10 serps positions for the aforementioned period went from 1K to 1.7K: Download a Free Report Enter

Case Study: From 0 to 6.4K Ranked Keywords using InLinks

Back in mid 2021, Texas-based digital marketing agency Moon & Owl created a cycling blog meant as an SEO support for a Shopify store belonging to a cycling wheels manufacturer. Roughly 10 months after using InLinks, this blog has reached 6.4K ranked keywords (with 154 keywords ranking in the top 3 positions in the Serps). The following screenshot shows the evolution of ranked keywords for this project (data taken from Ahrefs): The monthly organic traffic

82% of Internal Linking Opportunities Missed – Case Study

Internal linking, defined as using a hyperlink from one web page to another within the same domain URL, is known to be one of the most underused SEO tactics. A vital SEO staple, Internal linking creates a great user experience and reinforces the topic authority associated with each page. It helps search engines such as Google with the comprehension of your web content, so why aren’t people using it? We know that good internal linking

Importance of “Entity-oriented Search” Understanding for SEO: Beyond Strings

Entity-oriented Search Understanding is an important part of Search Engine Understanding or Search Engine Communication. These terms might be new to the traditional understanding of SEO, but the process of understanding a search engine is a daily routine for any SEO to analyze the search engines’ decision trees that create their result pages. Entity-oriented Search Understanding is the understanding of a SERP Instance based on entities, their types, attributes, and connections to each other. A

How a US-based marketing agency increased its organic traffic value from $6K to $60K using Inlinks

Foxxr, a digital marketing agency based in St Petersburg, Florida, started using Inlinks for its website on January 2021. After a period of 6 months this agency has significantly increased its organic traffic value from $6K to $60K (as shown on the screenshot below taken on Ahrefs). Key successes The following are some of the key successes obtained by Foxxr during the period spanning from January 2021 till July 2021: Increasing the monthly organic

Case Study: How Alchemyleads increased its ranking keywords by +400% after 7 months of using Inlinks

US-based SEO content agency Alchemyleads started using Inlinks back in November 2020 for its website, after a period of 7 months this agency saw an increase for its ranking organic keywords by +400 % (from 191 ranked keywords in November 2020 to 779 ranked keywords in July 2021, as shown on the screenshot below taken on SEMRush). The founder of Alchemyleads, Sean Chaudhary, kindly provided us with the following screenshot taken on the Google

Inlinks Case Study: Improving the monthly organic traffic by +73% for the keyword ‘Ethical Hacking’

A US-based cybersecurity company used Inlinks for a help section hosted under its main website which purpose is to define and provide further details about various topics related to securing cyber infrastructures. While analyzing the organic traffic data on SEMRush, we noticed that the monthly organic traffic of a webpage configured on this Inlinks project and that targets the highly competitive keyword ‘Ethical Hacking‘ has increased by +73% (from 800 to 2.6K , shown on

Case Study: From 25K to 60K in organic traffic 1 month after using Inlinks for an auto sales website

Award-winning SEO expert Lukasz Zelezny, co-owner of SEO.London, used Inlinks in February 2021 for a website operating in the auto sales sector (we’ll keep the name of this website undisclosed). The following screenshot shows a significant surge in organic traffic starting March 2021 (organic traffic data taken on SEMRush in June 2021). The monthly organic traffic of this website went from 25K in February 2021 to 60K in March 2021 (an increase of 139%) and