Digital Impact Solutions, a UK based SEO agency, has created 3 case studies for which the agency was able to improve search rankings using InLinks’ content audit, internal linking and schema automation features.

Based on our topics analysis feature, the agency has reduced the occurrences of the main keyword and added related topics / entities. Now the website appears on the first page for the targetted keyword.

In parallel to a new web design, the agency has implemented related topics / entities provided by InLinks and was able to improve the search rankings of this website from position 83 to position 43.

For this website, InLinks showed that the content was under using an important topic related to HR. The agency has added this topic in the content along with implementing schema and internal linking automation. The website is now consistently on the first page of Google Search !

More details about these 3 case studies made by Digital Impact Solution can be found HERE.


I am a bilingual French and English speaking digital marketing consultant working in the SEO field for the last 8 years, my work at InLinks relates to :

- Presenting demos (English & French)
- Social media publications
- Writing case studies
- Providing technical support
- Managing partnerships
- Creating tutorial videos

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