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Using Position 0 Questions vs. Suggestions

The list of suggestions provided in the “Questions” tab contains many irrelevant suggestions, often poorly worded. The suggestions are often repetitive because they are collected by a bot around a stem question such as “what is…” My recommendation is to use instead the “Position 0” or “People Also Ask” questions, for at least 4 reasons:

+ADD button shows unclicked when already clicked

The +ADD button in the right-side panel shows greyed out (unselected) even if the topic has been +ADDED in the rightmost column of the table. The button in the panel should change color or text should show that the topic has indeed already been selected.

GUI (Building a brief)

It is not clear from the GUI that I need to +ADD a topic BEFORE I start selecting keywords inside a topic I am discovering in the right-side panel. – The +ADD (topic) button is invisible in the right-side panel – There is no clue in the GUI that the topic has to be added