Molly is the founder of Effable and specialises in elevating the voices of impact-driven brands through copy and PR. Having worked in marketing and PR for ten years, she set up solo in 2021.

Tone of Voice in SEO

Tone of voice is a vital piece of the marketing puzzle, a chance to showcase your brand in the most subtle ways. It might be a slight nuance, a word here and there, a stylistic choice in a piece of writing, but it has the power to make a significant impact – and you shouldn’t ignore it in SEO copy.  Whether you’re writing brand side or you’re part of an agency, you should consider tone

Content Editor for SEO

Copywriting courses

Content writing is something that I fell into. Having always been a writer of some sort in previous jobs, my role had always been more creative, which we will get to the difference in just a second. But, writing content for SEO was a whole new world for me, and once I discovered it, I loved how the data and the creativity met in the middle to form the content. Finding the right copywriting courses is