I am a bilingual French and English speaking digital marketing consultant working in the SEO field for the last 8 years, my work at InLinks relates to : - Presenting demos (English & French) - Social media publications - Writing case studies - Providing technical support - Managing partnerships - Creating tutorial videos

Case Study: From 30 to 702 in daily organic traffic 4 months after using InLinks for a real estate site in the UK

A real estate website targetting the UK market which specializes in helping people sell their houses and properties through a transparent process starting using InLinks back in the beginning of June 2022 (our client has asked to keep the name anonymous). Back in June 2022 the daily organic traffic of this website was around 30 and increased to 702 in a period of 4 months. InLinks’ features used for this project: The owner of this

Case Study: From 32K to 61K in monthly organic traffic 3 months after using InLinks

Luca Tagliaferro, Italian/ British Senior SEO consultant started using InLinks in May 2022 for Future Fit Training, the leading UK-based fitness and nutrition courses provider. Luca Tagliaferro used InLinks as part of a whollistic SEO strategy that involved many other aspects such as optimizing the technical SEO of the site, content generation and building backlinks. The following screenshot (taken on Ahrefs, August 2022) shows the evolution of organic traffic for this website: Key achievements: The

Case Study: From 45th to 5th in the Serps for the keyword ‘SEO Company’ in the UK 3 months after using InLinks

London-based SEO company Reboot Online started using InLinks back in 2020 for some client campaigns and saw great results doing so. At the time they were so busy with new and existing clients that they neglected their own site, and whilst consistently publishing new content consistely on their blog, their internal linking strategy and and anchor texts were no longer optimal. Where Reboot Online used to rank on the first page for their main service

Keyword Research Tools for Topic Clustering

Many Keyword Research Tools have no ability to understand connections between topics and themes. As such, they may work well for exact match PPC campaigns, but in a modern SEO strategy, they do not have the effectiveness of modern keyword research tools.   A keyword cluster represents a group of keywords that relate to the same user intent, these might slightly differ in how many words they contain but they essentially refer the same topic.  Let’s

How many internal links should you have per page?

Internal links are one of the most important on-page ranking factors in SEO, they’re relevant for Google to understand your website’s architecture and to keep your users stay longer on your website. But can too many internal links on a single page hurt your SEO? Contextual links VS Navigational Links: On a webpage there are 2 types of internal links, the contextual ones are typically included in the content (paragraphs and titles) while the navigational

Case Study: From 10K to 20K in monthly organic traffic 4 months after using InLinks

A digital marketing and SEO agency based in Sweden started using InLinks back in February 2022 for one its clients (an informational website reviewing online casinos worldwide). The organic traffic went from 10K (February 2022) to 20K (May 2022) as shown on the screenshot below taken on Ahrefs: The total number of ranked organic keywords in the top 10 serps positions for the aforementioned period went from 1K to 1.7K: Download a Free Report Enter

Case Study: From 0 to 6.4K Ranked Keywords using InLinks

Back in mid 2021, Texas-based digital marketing agency Moon & Owl created a cycling blog meant as an SEO support for a Shopify store belonging to a cycling wheels manufacturer. Roughly 10 months after using InLinks, this blog has reached 6.4K ranked keywords (with 154 keywords ranking in the top 3 positions in the Serps). The following screenshot shows the evolution of ranked keywords for this project (data taken from Ahrefs): The monthly organic traffic

InLinks Shortlisted for the 2022 European Search Awards

We’re glad to announce that InLinks has been shortlisted as a finalist for the 2022 European Search Awards ! We’re running against the big boys of the SEO industry and we’re nominated in 3 different categories : Best Software Innovation Best SEO Software Suite Best Search Software Tool Check out the full list of finalists HERE. This year’s event will be presented live at a gala dinner and awards ceremony at La Llotja de Mar

How to use Silo’s on InLinks

In the following video we cover how to create a Silo internal linking structure for a target topic on InLinks. The 2 main Silo options available are the following: Automatic Silos: InLinks will create internal links pointing to a target page from any page that mentions the target topic. Manual Silos: A user needs to manually choose the pages that fall under a Silo for a specific target topic.