Genie is looking at how Natural Language Processing algorithms consume and understand content. She studies "Language, Culture and Communications" at Warwick University.

New Position Available for Talented Graduate

Linguistics analyst and Content Creator  This full-time role requires an excellent communicator who has a fantastic eye for detail. You will be updating the Inlinks knowledge graph, a database where entities and topics link together to give our clients a comprehensive understanding of how their language ranks on Google. You must have an extensive vocabulary and a great grasp of the English language to maintain the graph and ensure the data is correct for all our clients. Alongside this,

How accurate is the inLinks Market Trends Data?

An exploration of how accurately the data from inLinks’ market trends tool compares to real consumer behaviour. The Market Trends Tool The InLinks’ Market Trends Tool categorises and tracks consumer interest on topics. It can provide a daily, weekly and monthly oversight into how concepts and words are being interacted with online to surface what topics might be ripe for content writers and publicity seekers to write about. But how accurate really is the data?

The University of Google: Exploring the impact of Google’s successful machine learning in the Education Sector.

An insight into how effective methods of search engine optimization has the potential to widen participation to higher education. In this post I will outline the evidence surrounding the relative success of entity identification within the education sector and will delve deeper into what this means for higher education on the whole. Why is Google’s machine learning on ‘University Courses’ (InLinks, 2020) so relatively successful when it comes to the Education Sector? Is this something