Genie is looking at how Natural Language Processing algorithms consume and understand online content. She achieved a first-class degree in "Language, Culture, and Communication" from Warwick University.
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New Content Planner Tool

Choosing and planning what to write about next is never easy. There are always a million things to cover and usually no meaningful direction. The brand new InLinks website content planner tool can now recognize the holes in your content based on entities and provide you with all of the keyword research you need to write content that ranks. Whether this is for social media, blog posts, or your Instagram image, this content entity-based, content

InLinks: A Tool for Building Topical Authority

SEOs are finally catching on to the importance of topical authority. But what does that really mean? This article tackles the very basics of how authoritative content ranks, and shows how InLinks is already helping thousands to build effective topical authority. What is Topical Authority? Imagine if you went to a specialist talk and the speaker only said the name of the talk 100 times and included nothing else. Would you come away from that

Green SEO: What is it and why is it important?

We do not talk about Green SEO enough as a community. Data centres underpin our digital lives. In 2019 it was estimated that they used more than 2% of the world’s electricity and generated the same volume of carbon emissions as the global airline industry (in terms of fuel consumption). While the internet, in general, is responsible for a whopping 4% of emissions. This leaves us with an interesting dilemma. Search engine optimization itself needs

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Verb Focused User Intent In Search

For too long now, the SEO community has settled with broad, business-focused umbrella terms to describe ‘user intent’. InLinks is about to revolutionize this metric. Our Google Suggest data is now organized into verbs. Verbs are the very essence of intent. They demonstrate linguistically what we want in every scenario imaginable. We cannot communicate online without them, so why on earth have they been omitted from Keyword Research for so long? By clustering user intent

Webpage schema

Webpage schema is a type of Schema which is supposed to be implicitly defined, according to but by adding the “About” and “Mentions” property, it seems you greatly enhance the ability of Google to understand the content on the page. This, in turn, can improve your search listings and search visibility. There has been some controversy on whether Structured data improves rankings. John Muller and Glen Gabe had a to-and-fro on Twitter picked up

Can InLinks help you win industry awards?

InLinks is looking to help its customers win industry awards. If you’ve run a successful campaign using InLinks we would be interested in hearing from you. Our team of communication and SEO experts are here to help curate the best pitches to the awards you are interested in. We would like to apply in a partnership to help show off your achievements! If this is something you would be interested in then please submit us

Internal Linking FAQ

What is internal linking? Internal linking is the act of creating html hyperlinks between two URLs within the same domain.  What is an internal link anchor text? The anchor text of an internal link is the text which is used to embed the link on to. It usually lights up as blue and underlined, but that can easily be changed in style sheets for any individual site, page or link. It responds to a left

InLinks Named Best AI-Driven SEO Tool of 2021

InLinks, a multi-award-winning entity-based SEO platform, has been awarded the Best AI-Driven SEO Tool of 2021 by Corporate Vision. This win recognizes the astounding success inLinks has had in helping web-content rank higher through intelligent machine understanding. Most importantly, it reaffirms its growing importance in the SEO industry. Read on to find out what InLinks can do for your website, and why so many people are talking about it! Tool Overview InLinks is a highly