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A Big Leap Forward in SEO Tools

InLinks has just launched a significant site change, which looks different and adds a new layer of functionality. For the first time, Keyword research at the SITE level is possible in a way that develops keyword ideas, questions and Topics in a way that is contextually relevant to your existing website and business. But much more of that later. Let’s start by showing you the top-level changes… The Main Dashboard This is not where the

Topic Clustering in Keyword Research

It’s a shocking fact that most keyword research is wrong! Current keyword research for SEO is based around finding a list of keywords with comparative search volumes and some element of competition. (That is to say, how hard it would be to rank for the keyword). Typically, the equation to evaluate the best keywords in a list has been like this: Keyword Opportunity = (Search volume X Cost Per Click) / Level of difficulty This

Our new US Ambassador is: Grant Simmons!

Well – this is a bit of a coup for us. Grant Simmons has been in the SEO industry forever. Before recently taking on Freelance work, Grant was head of SEO at Homes.com! Luckily (for @InLinks), Homes.com got bought out recently creating an opportunity for Grant to follow a new path! Grant fits right into the InLinks “type”. He is passionate about SEO and has been at it for probably as long as I have.

Keyword Topic Gaps

Following requests from our users, we have reinstated and improved our Topic Gap tool in our content editor. Understanding what topics Google is seeing the best-ranked content for any keyword and region goes a long way toward content planning. This research can take many hours for every page when carried out manually. InLinks is not only faster but also much more consistent and reliable. 1: How do you find Topic Gaps? After running an audit

Examples of Verbs showing User Intent in an InLinks dashboard

Topic Research Tools – The New Keyword Research

InLinks has launched a revolutionary new topic research tool and methodology. With its new Content Optimization Editor launch, InLinks has totally reimagined keyword research for SEO and introduced meaningful clustering and a whole new approach to satisfying user intent. What is this Keyword Research Tool? (And why is it Different?) Most keyword research is based on looking up a keyword’s search volume and CPC value. The result is a list of literal keyword suggestions which

Italian is now available

Entity SEO now in Italian

Inlinks can now help you optimize Internal links, content, and Schema on Italian websites. Inlinks is a new breed of SEO technology, which was built, from the ground up, around Entities and being able to extract them from any corpus of text and create a knowledge graph from the content, which is then used for SEO purposes. Now, InLinks is able to “Read” content in Italian and extract the underlying entities (or topics) from the

Curate your Knowledge Graph

We have just made it easier to provide feedback about where our entity analysis makes errors or is not as useful as you would like. We encourage you to make use of this every time you start a new project, as your feedback loops will quickly help us to improve our understanding of your new site in the system. How Named Entity Extraction works The InLinks algorithm reports more entities in a body of text

Mathematical equation for internal linking

Internal Linking Score

The Internal Linking Score (aka Internal Link Score or just ILS) is a proprietary metric from InLinks. ILS shows the percentage of link opportunities missed. We calculate it as: The metric is important to SEO. Internal Linking is missed 82% of the time. This is according to the research of over 5,000 sites that are actively looking at target pages for link opportunities. Google talks openly about the importance of a good Internal Link Architecture.