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Italian is now available

Entity SEO now in Italian

Inlinks can now help you optimize Internal links, content, and Schema on Italian websites. Inlinks is a new breed of SEO technology, which was built, from the ground up, around Entities and being able to extract them from any corpus of text and create a knowledge graph from the content, which is then used for SEO purposes. Now, InLinks is able to “Read” content in Italian and extract the underlying entities (or topics) from the

Curate your Knowledge Graph

We have just made it easier to provide feedback about where our entity analysis makes errors or is not as useful as you would like. We encourage you to make use of this every time you start a new project, as your feedback loops will quickly help us to improve our understanding of your new site in the system. How Named Entity Extraction works The InLinks algorithm reports more entities in a body of text

Mathematical equation for internal linking

Internal Linking Score

The Internal Linking Score (aka Internal Link Score or just ILS) is a proprietary metric from InLinks. ILS shows the percentage of link opportunities missed. We calculate it as: The metric is important to SEO. Internal Linking is missed 82% of the time. This is according to the research of over 5,000 sites that are actively looking at target pages for link opportunities. Google talks openly about the importance of a good Internal Link Architecture.

German Knowledge Graph Launches

If you are a German SEO, please tell others in Germany about this! Today, InLinks is delighted to say that you can now create projects based on German content around a German Knowledge Graph. InLinks is an SEO tool built from the ground up around topics and entities instead of simple keywords. But some languages are harder than others for an NLP (Natural Language Processing) tool to break out into underlying entities. We had already

What to do if we are Unable to Retrieve Content

If you add a new website and see this message, it generally means that you have a Firewall or CDN (Content Distribution Network) blocking bots. You will need to give our bot access to the site before we can index it for you. Here are a few common ways in which this happens, along with fixes. If you find a fix that is not mentioned, we would LOVE to hear this in the comments, so

InLinks Launches Polish Knowledge Graphs

If you are a Polish SEO, please tell others in Poland about this! You can now analyse and optimize content from a topic-based perspective in Polish using InLinks! For the first time, you can set up projects in Polish and create new content or audit existing content and the InLinks system will be able to understand the underlying concepts in both your content and that of your competitors trying to rank for the same keyword

A Conference for Charity

I have been asked to talk about Entity SEO and my take on how search is going at a charity conference on the 27th January 2022. You donate as little or as much as you like here (https://heavyhitter.club/hhc/donations/). Once you’ve donated, you will get the information to register for the events. The event is virtual and based on US timezones (well, Costa Rican Timezones, actually) Marco Benevides and Jordan Fowler are organizing the event and

Low Budget SEO with InLinks

How do you use InLinks on a limited budget if your website has thousands of pages? You do not have to spend thousands or even hundreds of dollars a month to have access to the best SEO tool of 2021*. However, with a tool as powerful as InLinks, you will need to use the tool carefully, if your business is to make the best use of your budget. Inlinks starts at just $39 a month