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Knowledge Graphs: What Are They and How Do SEOs Use Them?

What is a Knowledge Graph? Simply put, a knowledge graph is a big mind map of connections. For example, if you start with a banana and brainstorm around it on a piece of paper, you may come up with a variety of concepts such as lunch, banana bread, trees, Fairtrade, yellow, slipping over, monkeys… the list is almost endless. If something as singular and simple as a banana has all these connections, just imagine how

Internal linking: 15 benefits for your website’s SEO

Underestimating the importance of internal linking in an SEO strategy is common. Everyone knows the importance of external links (backlinks) to ensure a minimum of visibility, but most site publishers neglect internal linking. In contrast, e-commerce sites have well grasped its importance on their side. However, once your site relies on content, internal links are as essential to your visibility as external links, to :  Increase the number of long-tail keywords Better respond to users’ queries And

The Knowledge Panel Episode 19: SEO for Image Search

Are you optimizing your images for search? How much traffic are you getting from image search and how big is image search as an SEO opportunity? We’ll be covering those questions and more in episode 19 of the Knowledge Panel Show with Roxana Stingu from Alamy, Olesia Korobka from Fajela and Karen Julia from Photo SEO Lab. Sign up below to watch future episodes live… Email: Powered by GoSquared

Content Editor for SEO

Copywriting courses

Content writing is something that I fell into. Having always been a writer of some sort in previous jobs, my role had always been more creative, which we will get to the difference in just a second. But, writing content for SEO was a whole new world for me, and once I discovered it, I loved how the data and the creativity met in the middle to form the content. Finding the right copywriting courses is

The About Tag in Schema Markup

The ‘About’ tag from Helping Google understand what your page is talking about is the aim of the game in SEO at the minute. Entities and concepts are taking the role that keywords held for so long, and one prominent way in which this is being achieved is through schema markup- specifically the About tag. Schema markup is structured data vocabulary which enables search engines to read your website easily, with the ‘About’ tag from holding an important role within the Resource Descriptive

Inlinks launches Govtrackr

A free tool that tracks the main themes covered by prominent UK politicians via their tweets. What is Govtrackr Powered by Inlinks technology, Govtrackr is a unique tool used to determine the overarching themes tweeted by UK politicians. It takes tweets and creates comprehensive data on the discovered themes. This includes the amount of public engagement encountered on each tweet and how this differs from politician to politician or party to party. It aims to

How to use Related Keywords on Inlinks

Whether you’re creating a content brief or auditing one of your existing pages, you can use the related keywords provided by InLinks to enrich your content while at the same time keep the context aligned with your target keywords. Check this video to learn how to use related keywords on Inlinks