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If you are a new user, you may want to review the FAQs that our users usually ask. If the answer you are looking for is not here, please feel free to contact us using the chat button. GENERAL FAQs How does InLinks work? Will Inlinks guarantee that my content goes to the top of Google search?  Do you have proof that you have helped other websites to rank better?  Will a Google algorithm update

Our new US Ambassador is: Grant Simmons!

Well – this is a bit of a coup for us. Grant Simmons has been in the SEO industry forever. Before recently taking on Freelance work, Grant was head of SEO at! Luckily (for @InLinks), got bought out recently creating an opportunity for Grant to follow a new path! Grant fits right into the InLinks “type”. He is passionate about SEO and has been at it for probably as long as I have.

How to use log files for SEO

How should you be using log files to assist your SEO? That’s what we’re discussing on episode 26 of the Knowledge Panel show, where Dixon Jones is joined by Gerry White from Oda, Sophie Brannon from Absolute and Steven van Vessum from Conductor. Sign up below to watch future episodes live… Email:

Case Study: From 45th to 5th in the Serps for the keyword ‘SEO Company’ in the UK 3 months after using InLinks

London-based SEO company Reboot Online started using InLinks back in 2020 for some client campaigns and saw great results doing so. At the time they were so busy with new and existing clients that they neglected their own site, and whilst consistently publishing new content consistely on their blog, their internal linking strategy and and anchor texts were no longer optimal. Where Reboot Online used to rank on the first page for their main service

Sentence Structure

Sentence Structure in SEO

In this article, you’ll learn about the importance of sentence structure for search engine optimisation and the different ways you can optimise it. Many SEO enthusiasts encourage using distinct content and eye-catching images to help their search engine ranking efforts. Still, several forget another vital aspect – the sentence and overall text structure. The sentence structure is fundamental to both readers and search engines as it enables them to understand the message your content is

How to Keep Your SEO Clients Happy

How to Keep Your SEO Clients Happy

How do you keep your SEO clients so satisfied that they’ll stay for a long time and recommend more customers to you? That’s what we’re discussing on episode 25 of the Knowledge Panel show where Dixon is joined by Himani Kankaria, Jake Gauntley, Olga Tsimaraki and Sara Moccand-Sayegh. Sign up below to watch future episodes live… Email: Want to Read Instead? Here is the Transcript. Dixon: Hello, welcome to the Knowledge Panel Show, Episode 25:

Keyword Research Tools for Topic Clustering

Many Keyword Research Tools have no ability to understand connections between topics and themes. As such, they may work well for exact match PPC campaigns, but in a modern SEO strategy, they do not have the effectiveness of modern keyword research tools.   A keyword cluster represents a group of keywords that relate to the same user intent, these might slightly differ in how many words they contain but they essentially refer the same topic.  Let’s

Green SEO: What is it and why is it important?

We do not talk about Green SEO enough as a community. Data centres underpin our digital lives. In 2019 it was estimated that they used more than 2% of the world’s electricity and generated the same volume of carbon emissions as the global airline industry (in terms of fuel consumption). While the internet, in general, is responsible for a whopping 4% of emissions. This leaves us with an interesting dilemma. Search engine optimization itself needs

Keyword Topic Gaps

Following requests from our users, we have reinstated and improved our Topic Gap tool in our content editor. Understanding what topics Google is seeing the best-ranked content for any keyword and region goes a long way toward content planning. This research can take many hours for every page when carried out manually. InLinks is not only faster but also much more consistent and reliable. 1: How do you find Topic Gaps? After running an audit