John McAlpin V
SEO Director at Cardinal Digital Marketing

InLinks is a game changer for semantic search optimization. InLinks has helped me better understand entities and how semantic search works. It's a must-have for any technical SEO worth their salt.

Daniel Carter
Director at Assertive

We've found to be one of the best tools for content analysis and topical association. It's helped us rethink our approach to content after the Google BERT update, leveraging a broader view of content, topics and supporting user intent. For that reason is now being adopted by our team.

Neil Maycock
Dir. of Digital Impact Solutions Ltd

Kudos to you guys. This is the first time I haven't seen any clients get hit by the core update since concentrating on semantics, topics and entities.

SEO with InLinks gets much more accurate


  • Optimizes for BERT and RankBrain
  • Delivers topic recommendations, with:
    • Related questions
    • Contextual topics
  • Takes synonyms into account
  • Understands millions of entities in context

Keyword-based tools

  • Optimize Keyword Density
  • Only suggest keywords
    • without context
    • without meaning
  • Exact match
  • Only count keywords usage

Create Content that will outperform your competitors' content

Write content that will rank high

If you want your pages to rank higher in Google, paraphrasing existing ones is useless.

You need to optimise in relation to what has not yet been written, by digging into the context

InLinks goes beyond analyzing competitor content by drilling deeper into the wider knowledge graph to find important and semantically relevant extra ideas.

competitor's topic analysis

entity screenshot

Dive deep into any topic

InLinks provides you with expert level data to build or optimize your content.

For each topic, you'll have access to a wealth of information to help you with your writing:

  • Definitions
  • Related (contextual) topics
  • Questions real people are asking

All topics are listed and grouped by category and industry sector

Get 360° vision for top-ranking pages

  • Topics that Google understands
  • Topics that Google missed
  • Page structure
  • Topic density
  • External and internal links
  • Readability score

competitor's topic analysis

entity screenshot

World-class questions finder

You can throw away your current question finder because InLinks will:

  • Find more questions than other tools
  • Find the questions people ask instantly
  • Filter the questions into market segments
  • Generate questions around any topic
  • Provide unlimited use and results on all paid account
Shawn Cohen
Marketing Advisor at Fedex Services

Unparalleled tool for quickly finding content gaps based on entities and not just keywords.

Sean A Chaudhary
CEO at Alchemy Leads

We have been able to improve internal linking silos for 100s of pages per project dynamically, which has saved countless development hours and has helped our team better identify future content needs

One-click Schema Automation

Boost your SEO strategy with the semantic

InLinks understands and disambiguates what your content is about and connects it to the Knowledge Graphs of the major search engines.

Important topics on your pages are disambiguated and linked to entities that Google understands and uses in its web services such as Search, Discover & Voice Search.

Let your content be understood by Search Engines

schema automation

Jordan Fowler
CEO at

We saw a page jump from 15 to 8 JUST adding the tweaked schema (and this was for 1 billion dollar per build datacenter keyword).


Start for Free and grow at your pace


Pages analyzed

20 /month

(Your site can have more pages, we analyze 20 for interlinking and schema markup)

$ 0 /month


  • Content Optimization
  • Semantic Internal Linking
  • Detailed Schema Markup
  • Top Trends only
  • 1 Project / Website
  • 20 pages or 4 content audits


Pages analyzed


Dedicated CPUs and hosting, giving you unlimited pages and control.

from $ 1999 billed Monthly


  • Content Optimization
  • Semantic Internal Linking
  • Detailed Schema Markup
  • Unlimited Trends
  • Dedicated infrastructure
  • Unlimited page analysis and audits


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